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August 30, 2018by Kori Interiors0

There are numerous magnificent home decor trends that are taking shape. Many of these trends are influenced by the growing middle-class population in South Africa which, as we know, is adventurous and harbors diverse design ideas. From our extensive knowledge of the Interior design industry in South Africa, we expect to see a rise in the following home décor trends:

Terrazzo Trend

This warming trend is picking pace in the interior architecture in South Africa. With a subtle tone of tan, Sienna and terracotta, terrazzo easily paves way for a more detailed rust hue. This gives a European summer flavor to your interior. Terrazzo can be used on any general surface. Currently, it is commonly used on walls and floors.

Mixed Metallic

The mixed metallic trend breaks the copper dominance in interior décor. Generally, it involves the mixture of several metal elements to achieve a unique, yet colorful array. The mixture of brass, matte gold and other pieces brings a warm feeling in your room.

Refreshed Jewel Tones

Even though jewel tone has been in existence for quite a while, 2018 saw its emergence to the market. Jewel tone is usually colored in dusty rose, dusty pink, peacock and rich teal. Textural elements such as floral and other minerals can be used when incorporating jewel tone.

Moroccan Fish Scale

This home décor trend brings the oceanic movement into any living space by mimicking rolling waves. The trend is appealing to the eye and provides interior designers in South Africa with a versatile décor. Moroccan fish scale is used on tiles, wallpapers or furniture textures.

Digital print

The Digital print trend reflects colors in a tribal pop style. It exudes energy in any setting. The trend is perfect for any social space in your home.

Bottom line

The above list is not exhaustive. There are numerous more trends taking shape in the residential Interior design industry in South Africa. We are on the look out for the best and most unique trends and will always keep you in the loop when they come.

Kori Interiors has great experience in the Interior design industry in South Africa and beyond (You can see our portfolio). We will help you choose the perfect trend for your living space to achieve that dream room you always desire. You can visit our website to have a look at some of the commercial and residential interior design services we offer, and contact us to request for a FREE quote that suits your budget.

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